October 18, 2017

Volunteer Info


Event Center – Volunteer Team Mission

Are you looking for a way to bank some community service hours? Look no further as the New Leaf Event Center is launching its own mission to give the community somewhere to go where they can make a difference and be part of something bigger! This is an open invitation to the community to come help our facility as we are looking for volunteers of all ages to help make various events we have here even more successful! If you are in High School and want to get your community service done, retired and looking for a way to spend some free time, or if you are somewhere in the middle and just want to help, everyone is welcome to help here! These events we need help with will range from things like weddings and concerts, to our 5th Quarter events and dances, to so much more!

Want to help? There are two options you can go with here. The easiest way is to click on the buttons below (depending on which event you would like to sign up for). From there, you will sign up to volunteer spot using your name and email. After you sign in, you will see an available list of jobs are available based on which event you picked, then you sign up for what you would like to do. IT IS THAT EASY!!

To make things easier the buttons below are for each event, and will always be updated to show we currently need help for. Once you have signed up about a week before the event you will get a reminder email reminding you that you volunteered for that event, this way you do not forget! I look forward to seeing everyone there as we hope this continues to be a great success!!

Current events to volunteer for:


Cabaret Set Up 04/27/17

SHOW 1 CABARET 04/28/17

SHOW 2 CABARET 04/29/17

Business Expo 04/25/17

After Prom 05/05/17 or 05/06/17

Want to always know when we have events to sign up for? Please sign up below and we will add you to our mailing list! This will send you an email every-time we add a new event that can be signed up for, we try to make it easy!