August 24, 2017

5th Quarter

Welcome to 5th Quarter!!

5th Quarter – The Red Zone is an event that was created to give the youth of our community a fun and safe place to hang out after every home football game. We have different organized events each week that range from volleyball, basketball, dodge-ball, video games, card games, soccer, and even dances to ensure something is ready for every week. Now we plan to extend this program into the Winter, Spring, and Summer as well to ensure that youth always have a place to go and have some fun.

With help from our sponsors (list pictured below) we have been able to successfully give the youth somewhere to be that does not involve drugs or alcohol while still being fun and inviting. We give away of all kinds of things each Red Zone including but not limited to selfie sticks, tablets, gift certificates, sports memorabilia, and even cash prizes.

Generally, 5th Quarter the red zone starts immediately following the home football games and runs until midnight, unless a special event extends the hours. These events are free to the youth to come enjoy and we are able to do this by our sponsors donating to our cause.

If you would like to be a sponsor or would like to simply donate, click the button below or email Remember donations of ALL AND EVERY kind are welcome!!


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